for a BlueFuture

KTP BlueTech stands for the vision of innovative technologies that contribute decisively to the creation of a BlueFuture.

Our system designs aim to be more sustainable, durable, future-proof and largely open source.

Mobility / Transportation Systems / Infrastructure 

The entire way we travel and transport goods from point A to point B is changing, creating a new ecosystem of personal mobility and logistics. KTP BlueTech aims to develop outstanding concepts to reduce the carbon footprint for transportation and make it more effective.

Aerospace for Remoter Regions and Harsh Environment

Affordable aeroplanes are a key factor in improving life for people living far away from the main transport routes and logistic hubs. KTP BlueTech creates a concept for a sustainable and affordable STOL aircraft family.

Secure Mobile Communication & Data Systems

KTP BlueTech is developing a groundbraking open ecosystem for secure mobile communication and data processing, that enables even communication while the internet is down through  mesh network  technology. The  system can be easily expanded to include applications for Telematic, Telemedicine, personal security, and more.

Integrated IOT Technologies

Through the advanced web3 technolgy of  BlueSphere we can connect transport vehicles or other IOT devices and collect real time data and enable micropayment services. When the secure mobile communication goes live, it is even possible to pay via those mobile devices for services and microservices